CESM Quickstart Review


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  • Review how to setup and run a case with CESM?


Let’s review how to setup a case with CESM What directory do I need to be in to setup a case?

$ cd /glade/work/kpegion/cesm2.2.1/cime/scripts

How do I create a case?

$ ./create_newcase --case ~/cases/CASENAME --res f19_g17 --compset COMPSET --project UGMU0032

What directory do I need to go to to setup my case?

$ cd ~/cases/CASENAME

What is the next command to setup my case?

$ ./case.setup

What do I do next?

$ qcmd -- ./case.build

Once the build is complete, what do I do?

$ ./case.submit

How can I check that my run is in the queue?

$ qstat -u username

What do I do if I didn’t mean to submit my run or I need to remove it from the queue?

$ qdel JOBID

Create a new case on your own

Create new fully coupled (all components active) case using 1850 CO2 concentations (B1850). Call the case whatever you want. Setup and build it, but do not submit it.

We now have two model experiments, our case from last week b.day1.0 and the new case you just created.

Key Points