Run the model with DWG SSTs


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  • How do I run the model wih these SSTs?


Model Configuration

We now need to change the model configuration to run with our new file. We will change some things and confirm a few other configuration parameters

$ ./xmlchange SSTICE_DATA_FILENAME=/glade/scratch/kpegion/input/

Check these other variables and confirm we know what they do and how they should be set.

$ ./xmlquery SSTICE_YEAR_START
$ ./xmlquery SSTICE_YEAR_END
$ ./xmlquery SSTICE_YEAR_ALIGN

We will run 1-month as a test.

$ ./xmlchange STOP_N=1
$ ./xmlchange STOP_OPTION=nmonths
$ ./case.submit

Do the SSTs ouput by the model look like your SSTs?

Once your test run is able to run successfully, you will want to cofirm that it is working as expected.

Since yours will have to wait in the queue, we can look at my data to confirm that it ran properly. There is no ocean model output since the ocean is not run.

My data are located in: ‘/glade/scratch/kpegion/archive/testatmF/atm/hist/`

The variable TS in the atm history files is SST over the ocean. How can you convince youself that the data is consistent enough to believe that the SST data provided is being used by the model?

A sample program to get you started is located in: ~kpegion/clim670/CheckSSTData.ipynb

Once we have convinced ourselves that this works properly, how would we continue the run for a full year so we can test that?

Once a full year works and we have tested it properly, how would we run for 10-years?

Key Points