Assignment #3


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  • What is assignment #3


What am I expected to do for Assignment #3

  1. Run your assigned SST combination from the Drought Working Group for 10 years

P=Pacific; A=Atlantic n = climatology (no SST anomaly) w = 2*SST anomaly c = -2 * SST anomaly

PwAw: Douglas

PwAn: Mary

PwAc: Rachel

PnAw: Hsin

PnAn: Scott

PnAc: Nikki

PcAw: Finley

PcAn: Sherry, Zack

PcAc: Bradley, Joshi

Climatology: Kathy

  1. When your data is ready, tell the class where to find it. I will do the same for the climatology experiment.

  2. Make a plot of the difference between the annual mean for your experiment and the climatology experiment for precipitation and surface temperature over the continental US for each experiment. This will make 2 9-panel figures. One for preciptiation and one for surface temperature.

To turn in the assignemnt

Point me to the location of your figures/notebook or send me your figure. Due: Oct 27

Key Points