Why Python?

Why use Python instead of GrADS, ncl, Matlab?

  1. Becoming very common in our field.

  2. Has capabilities for handling Big Data.

  3. Open Source: growing and adapting quickly; community can contribute

What is Pangeo?

Pangeo describes itself as “A Community Platform for Big Data Geoscience”.

I think of it as two things:

  1. An evolving set of software and tools for data analysis in our field

  2. An open and helpful community rich with useful information to advance my data analysis capabilities and research and share my knowledge to help others.

The Pangeo Software Stack is a loose collection of open source software consisting of Core Packages that are fundamental to Geoscience data anaylsis. They include: Xarray, Iris, Dask, and Jupyter. This tutorial will explore some of these tools.